Solo Fruit:
A really good story

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citron biologiques pour sorbet
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Founded in 2006 as an entrepreneurship university project, Solo Fruit’s idea was to produce natural sorbets made with 100% fruits.

They are made from fruit purees, fruit juices and a natural stabilizer from three algae, except for the 70% cocoa chocolate sorbet, which is the only one with no fruit but a little more sugar to compensate for the bitterness of cocoa. Taking a bite of a Solo Fruit sorbet is like crunching in a ripe fruit, picked just right. A real pleasure for the taste buds.

Not surprisingly, Solo Fruit sorbets won a number of prizes everywhere such as the Trends Grand Prix and Innovations at the International Food and SIAL Show in 2010, the 2011 Canadian New Product Awards and many more.

The quest to always offer an incomparable taste by making sure to use only top-quality ingredients is an integral part of the company’s DNA. Proud of its successes, the company went a step further at the end of 2019 by having all of its sorbets made strictly with organic ingredients.  

Among the most popular flavors, there is undoubtedly the mango sorbet which gives the impression of crunching in a juicy mango, but also those with raspberries, strawberries, lemons and pears which make it possible to find the good taste of fresh fruits, throughout the year. To consume without moderation!

In 2017, Solo Fruit decides to merge it operations with other renowned glaciers under the name of Top Glaciers Inc. and to install a new production unit on St.Urbain street with more modern and performing equipment.

In June 2018, Solo Fruit introduces a selection of VEGAN desserts made from Canadian Organic soy.  Also to consume without moderation!

In the summer of 2022, Solo Fruit launches its organic sorbet bars and the market reaction is excellent. Discover them!


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